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Ubuntu - Drum, Dance Circle Presentation

Ubuntu, "I am because we are" is a unique, exciting, motivating interactive team building experience.  The collective nature of drumming can also include dance, expressing the oneness of communication and movement.  Both inspiring and informative, everyone comes together in ways that improves understanding and relationships in personal and business life. 

The open discussion portion of the presentation brings greater awareness and synergy through the sharing of common core values learned from various experiences, traditions and customs. 

Interactive Participation
Participants are provided various instruments and are instructed to produce specific sounds and rhythm patterns as separate (independent) components. Then each person plays together to experience how each one contributes to the success of producing something greater than any of the individual components.

Goals and Objectives
The Ubuntu - Drum, Dance Circle experience allows everyone to demonstrate the value, self worth and importance of each persons contribution as part of achieving the collective goal.

An array of African drums and other percussion instruments will be setup for everyone to experience the oneness of rhythm and transforming the chaos of individual sounds and vibrations into collective team building harmony.

Working Together
We collaborate with your facilitator or event planner to provide an inspiring, informative cultural enrichment experience.  Fee varies depending on travel and accommodations, duration, format, theme and program objective.

Customized Presentation Formats for Special Events:
- African Drums, African Dance & Storytelling
- Lectures and Discussions on the power of Rhythm, Music, History and Culture
- Keynote / Inspirational Presentations
- Team Building - Staff Development
- African Drum Circle
- Drum and Dance Circle

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