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About Baba Kwasi

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Baba Kwasi is the co-founder of the Ayubu Kamau Kings and Queens African Drum and Dance School, founded in 1996.  Our workshops, presentations, cultural enrichment and diversity programs are focused on character building, team building and inspiring enthusiasm, self-confidence, inner joy and love for living life to the fullest.  

Providing programs and presentations for:

Public and Private Schools
Colleges and Universities
Corporate Team Building
       and Diversity gatherings
Public and Private Events

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Baba was introduced to forms of African, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean customs, traditions and culture that co-insided with his southern roots from Mississippi and Texas. 

At age six, Baba was inspired and taught to play various percussion instruments by his uncle Shams Suddin Sabur and an old family friend, the world famous percussionist Idris Muhammad.  This was special during the Black American, African, Afro-Cuban and Afro Caribbean (African Diaspora) arts movement was intertwined with the human rights movements of the 1960's.  

Communication with the drum was extended to the pursuit of a masters degree in Computer Science and Project Management. For over the 25 years Baba worked as an Information systems Analyst, Trainer, Sr. Project Manager, Executive Systems Support Manager and Sr. Office Systems Consultant for various corporations including Xerox and Sprint Corporation.

Over the past 25 years as a percussionist, lecturer, teacher and storyteller, Baba Kwasi served as a folklorist with the Northeast Texas Library System “NETLS” and with Bigthought's Thriving Minds (formally Young Audiences).   Baba also served as a board member and folklorist for the Dallas - Ft. Worth International Community Alliance and the Dallas-Ft. Worth International African Leadership Council.

Baba Kwasi has appeared on various TV and cable programs and a frequent guest on the Houston based Pan African Journal, a Pacifica Network radio broadcast hosted by Akua Holt.   Baba also conducts public speaking, life coaching, cultural enrichment programs and interactive team building presentations for corporations, churches, organizations and schools throughout the country.

Achieve, Inspire, Motivate (A.I.M. High)

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